Energy Efficient Lighting

New incentive for lighting and building efficiency.

About New Horizon Lighting

With an eye on the changing energy market, New Horizon Lighting came to light in 2006. Recognizing a growing need for alternatives to the energy-hungry lighting of the past, we leveraged more than 20 years of experience to bring a new, performance-driven options to the commercial lighting market..


Custom-Designed Solutions

Since those beginnings, we have become a go-to source of money-saving lighting for commercial buildings, warehouses, offices, health care facilities, schools and athletic facilities – treating every job as a top priority. Whether designing from scratch or rapidly delivering fixtures from our large stock on hand, we have the experience to:

  • Improve or maintain your building’s aesthetic appeal
  • Reduce energy costs through high-efficiency fixtures
  • Maximize your lighting investment with expert advice
  • Implement your lighting solution quickly and efficiently


At the Intersection of Efficiency & Performance

From the get-go, New Horizon Lighting focused on lighting efficiency. That need continues to grow, driven by trends such as green construction, LEED, and the constant pressure to drive down operational costs. Demand will only continue to surge. But we can’t lose sight of the fact that high functionality is just as important as cost.


Today, a staggering array of technical developments has given rise to numerous lighting alternatives, but some manufacturers cut corners to achieve them. New Horizon Lighting made an early decision to stake our position at the leading edge of lighting technology, from in-stock options that elevate the standard to custom designs and alterations. That has made us a supplier of choice to ROI-driven organizations and contractors that demand performance. Crayola Crayons, Costco Wholesale and the U.S. government are just a few of the hundreds of organizations that enjoy function and efficiency through New Horizon Lighting fixtures.


Made in the US, Delivered Nationwide

Crafted in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, our superior lighting options provide contractors, facility managers, developers and owners with a dependable source of quality, high-efficiency products. Get in touch for a free energy audit and experience how performance meets ROI.


The New Horizon Lighting Leadership Team

New Horizon Lighting achieves its mission of matching performance with efficiency under the direction of its experienced leadership team.

Michael Stoddard
President and Founder
Mike Stoddard has spent his entire career in the lighting industry. Before founding New Horizon Lighting in 2006, Mike served as ? for Cooper Electric.

Tom Szeszko
Vice President
 Tom has been with New Horizon Lighting since the beginning, brought on to oversee manufacturing and distribution. He is now in charge of overall operations, with special expertise in quality control and new product development.



Save on Energy Costs

Lighting can account for as much as half your electric bill. Our ultra-efficient systems can lower costs by as much as 50%. Your return on investment can pay for itself in just 5 to 18 months.

High-Performance Options

From the latest T5 fixtures to contemporary recessed options, you and your contractor have a multitude of choices in retrofitting any building, warehouse, store or office. Our fixtures are ideal for today’s new “green” construction.

Energy Savings

Companies realize huge savings with rebate programs and energy efficient lighting. Click here for detailed cost analyses.