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Side Basket Recessed

Side Direct-Indirect Fixtures


Bring efficient, soft and balanced illumination to your building. These attractive 2x2 or 2x4 direct/indirect fluorescent fixtures feature side-mounted lamps and fine fit and finish.

  • No visible light source or glare: Housing and lamp compartments are fully recessed above the ceiling plane
  • Fluorescent lamps provide comfortable lighting
  • Perforated baffle and curved reflector produce a combination of direct and indirect light for full illumination

Features / Specifications:

Housing: 20-gauge cold rolled steel.

Perforated Baffle: White perforated metal basket with white opal acrylic diffuser inlay. Releases with retractable pins for fast relamping and maintenance.

Lamps: 2 Biax (2x2 only), or 2 or 4 T5 or T5HO Lamps.

Finish: Low gloss, high reflectivity powder coat finish. Pre-treated with iron phosphate for superior paint adhesion.

Mounting: Standard troffer mounting for easy installation in T-bar ceilings. Integral earthquake clips.  



Hi/Lo Step Ballast (120/277V)

480v Ballast

SEN (Motion Sensor) Consult Factory for Options

EM Ballast (Specify Lumens)

Dimming Ballast

Program Start Ballast

HPF- High Power Factor

LPF - Low Power Factor

FK - Flange Kit


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