Energy Efficient Lighting

New incentive for lighting and building efficiency.


T5 Fluorescent High Bay

2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12-Lamp High Bay Fixtures



T5 Fixtures bring cost-effective lighting to new levels of efficiency, perfect for medium and high-bay warehouses, manufacturing plants, sports facilities and retail spaces.

Enhanced lighting with reduced output: Delivers either

  • 20,000+ lumens from 4 economical 54-watt H.O. lamps
  • 30,000+ lumens from 6 lamps
  • 40,000+ lumens from 8 lamps
  • 50,000+ lumens from 10 lamps
  • 60,000+ lumens from 12 lamps
  • Replaces H.I.D. fixtures on a one-for-one basis
  • Surface, pendant, chain or stem mounting available
  • Optional wireguard with innovative fastener design allows easy lamp access
  • Features precision-formed beveled Miro™ 4 reflector with 95% reflectivity to achieve maximum light output.

Features / Specifications:

Housing: Die-formed heavy-gauge steel. 

Finish: Post-painted white housing with either anodized specular or white aluminum reflector.

Ballast Access: Ballasts are accessible by removal of socket-plate screws. Reflector swings out on hinged ends.

Ballasts: Designed for use with Class P electronic ballasts for T5 H.O. lamps.

Lampholders: Accepts G5 push-through sockets and F54/T5HO lamps.

Mounting: Fixtures designed for surface, pendant, stem or aircraft cable hanging.

Wireguard (optional): Combination 6 and 9 ga. wire (A.W.G. Standard) with white powder-coat finish. Attaches with clips for easy lamp access.



Hi/Lo Step Ballast (120/277V)

EM Ballast (1350 Lumen) Specify Voltage

480v Ballast

ACH (Air Craft Cable Hangers) 60”-240”

C/S (Cord-Set) Specify Plug Configuration

SEN (Motion Sensor) Specify Application

DLR/A12 (Door Frame & Lens A12)

DLR/CL (Door Frame & Lens Optical Clear)

WG/4 (Wire Guard 4 Lamp)

WG/6 (Wire Guard 6 Lamp)


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