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ATBRK Series


The ATBRK Series incorporates a radial Duri-Flex™ high transmission optic between sloping acrylic panels providing the look and feel of a deep RDI luminaire — subtle soft indirect elements, interest and depth across the ceiling plane — with a kit that consumes minimal space and material. The contoured side panels of the unit are high transmission acrylic that provide a low-brightness glow, with the majority of the light controlled through the center optical element. For use with most recessed fixtures in standard 15/16” grid ceiling systems. Ideal for single lamp systems.

Features / Specifications:

Door Frame:Features positive latching mechanism for easy re-lamping.

Direct Optical Component: High reflectance optical engine delivers main beam focus through the bright white parabolic baffle. With 90% reflectance and parabolic shape, the result is an ideal balance between brightness control and efficiency.

Diffuser Surround:(2) Sloping high transmission acrylic diffuser panels manage contrast and generate soft, even, higher angle luminance.

Reflector:Multi-radii high reflectance white reflector distributes light through both optical elements.

Luminaire Type: Fits most standard lay-in lensed or parabolic housings 2X2’ and 2X4’.

Lamps: 1 or 2 lamp T8 or T5 fluorescent wiring kits available.



WR - White Reflector

SR - Silver Reflector

LPF - Low Power Factor

HPF - High Power Factor

PS - Program Start

Dim - Dimming

Lamps (Specify Color Temperature)


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