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Standard Industrial


Convert up to 4.25" (consult factory for wider) wide strip fixtures to 1, 2 or 4 T8/T5/T5HO lamps easily, quickly, and economically. New Horizon Lighting offers two out-standing reflector kits to retrofit 8’ or 4’ strip fixtures to more efficient T5 and T8 lamps. The Standard Industrial Retrofit Kit is a complete reflector system, including socket plates for lamp relocation, providing maximum efficiency from an existing industrial or strip light. Used to either improve the usable reflected light or to delamp fluorescent strip fixtures. This retrofit system allows for removal and discarding of the ballast cover, relocation of lamps, and optimized light output. Energy consumption is reduced to comply with utility rebate requirements. Designed and manufactured in compliance with U.L. Standards for retrofit reflectors. The Standard Industrial Retrofit Kit is U.L. Classified as a ballast cover. All kits are shipped with standard ballasts unless otherwise specified.

Features / Specifications:

  • Convert 4.25" wide strip fixtures to 1, 2 or 4 T5 or T8 lamps easily, quickly and economically.
  • Specular aluminum (SR) reflectors are manufactured with a minimum of 86% total reflectivity.
  • Optional finishes are also available.
  • They are designed and manufacturedin compliance with UL Standards and retrofit reflectors.


WR -White Reflector 

SR - Silver Reflector

LPF - Low Power Factor

HPF - High Power Factor

PS - Program Start

Dim - Dimming

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