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Standard Strip


For the most cost effective, easy-to-transport strip conversion, New Horizon Lighting offers the Standard Strip Retrofit Kits. This simple kit upgrade provides tool-less maintenance. An ideal solution to the challenge of converting a strip fixture into the energy efficient lighting we need now. The Standard Strip Retrofit Kit fits all 4” to 4.25” standard strip housings and converts existing fixtures to 1, 2 or 4 lamps, making them more energy efficient.


  • Provides easy method to upgrade existing strips
  • No special tooling required
  • Lampholder brackets and ballast cover assembled on site for ease of handling
  • Meets U.L. #1598 standards

All kits are shipped with standard ballasts unless otherwise specified.

Features / Specifications:

  • Ballast Cover pre-punched for quarter turn fastener
  • Made from pre-painted white steel with 91% reflectance
  • Quality bi-pin lampholders included
  • Uses socket plates seperate from covers.


LPF - Low Power Factor

HPF - High Power Factor

PS - Program Start

Dim - Dimming

Lamps (Specify Color Temperature)


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