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Wide Vapor Tight Series

Tested and Certified by NSF International UL Wet Location NEMA 4X IP66 IP67 ROHS

  • Wide gasketed enclosures for wet or dusty locations.
  • Offers more versatility and benefits than any other weatherproof enclosure offered.
  • Wide profile designed around T8 and T5 lamps for long term energy savings.
  • UL evaluated for 25 & 40 degree C ambient temperatures.
  • Poured in place gasket and stainless steel latches seal the enclosures from most hostile environments.
  • Economical Mounting Options can provide dramatic savings on the installation labor.
  • Very tough diffusers resist breakage and reduce replacement and maintenance costs.
  • Optional specular reflectors provide narrow beam distribution and increased light output.
  • 3, 4, 5 and 6 lamp configurations are available for both T5 and T8 to best meet your specific needs.
  • Utilizes off the shelf 1/2” fittings.
  • Designed to minimize the retention of liquids or debris when hosed off.

Features / Specifications:

Housing: 5VA Flammability rating in accordance with UL94 and (f1) in accordance with UL746.

Geartrays: Prepainted cold rolled steel with minimum 87% total reflectance. Supported by 4 stainless steel spring fittings. Can be opened or latched from either side for easy installation and maintenance.

Lenses: 100% impact resistant acrylic for maximum impact resistance. The face side of the lens is glass clear to maximize efficiency and minimize distorsion of reflectors intended distribution. The sides have precise lineal prisims and the ends are lightly frosted to reduce direct glare.

Mounting Options: No holes needed to be drilled through the housing. UL rated stainless steel V-hooks with hook hangers standard.Cable hangers are compatible with cable systems for easy installation.Stainless steel ceiling mount brackets also available

Entry Holes: For: 1/2” NPT / M20 fittings. Options: Hole in 1 end or holes in both ends.

Latches: Stainless steel latches provide durability and chemical resistance. Captive design. Will not fly off during maintenance. 12 latches per unit assure positive lens retention. Can easily be made tamper resistant.

Geartray configurations: 3, 4, 5 and 6 lamp T5 or 3, 4, 5 and 6 lamp T8



Hi/Lo Step Ballast (120/277V)

HPF T8 Ballast (High Power Factor)

LPF - Low Power Factor Ballast

PS - Program Start Ballast

EM Ballast (1350 Lumen) Specify Voltage

480v Ballast

ACH (Air Craft Cable Hangers) 60”-240”

FMB (Flush Mounting Bracket)

C/S (Cord-Set) Specify Plug Configuration

SEN (Motion Sensor) Specify Application

SR - Miro 4 Silver Reflector



Used in food processing facilities, commercial kitchens, breweries, industrial facilities, livestock containment buildings, parking garages, under awnings, laundries, utility tunnels and car washes.


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